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Mayo Clinic Donates Big to Mount St. John’s

The Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) got a major boost on Thursday (June 15th), when for the fourth time in eleven years,  George Bahri and family were instrumental in facilitating a significant contribution to the country’s main hospital with the handing over of US two hundred and twenty-three thousand dollars worth of supplies and equipment.

Among the medical donations are ten hospital beds with side rails, large and small mattresses, wheelchairs, IV poles, baby cribs, a paediatric gurney, adult/paediatric scales, general medical supplies, linen sheets, blankets and pillows, a sequential compression device,  small and large plastic tote bags, crutches, tote boxes and examination tables.

The equipment was donated by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The handing over exercise took place at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre and during the event, Bahri, who is currently mourning the loss of his mother, noted that the gesture came about after he took her to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

“My family has always visited the Mayo Clinic whenever we need medical care that is not available here and during my visits I use the opportunity to persuade the Clinic to assist us with equipment that we need and they have always responded. This is the fourth container I have managed to get and it is the biggest one, with a value of 223 thousand US dollars and I am really happy to be able to deliver this.”

Health and Environment Minister Molwyn Joseph was also on hand and he described the gesture by Mr Bahri and family as a demonstration of the wonderful qualities and character that exist in the twin island state.

“Mr Bahri, you represent the best of us here in Antigua and Barbuda and I did some quick calculations and you have been assisting this Hospital since 2006 and this is 2017 so it’s just over ten years and my quick calculations reveal that what you have organized to be contributed to the Ministry of Health and by extension Mount St John and the people of Antigua and Barbuda is over one million EC dollars and I think you deserve a round of applause for that,” Minister Joseph declared.

The Minister also stated that MSJMC is being transformed into a medical facility with standards that can be compared to the top hospitals across the region and beyond.

“Over the past several months, the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the wider community have taken a great interest in Mount St John and I believe it is the result of what they have seen and what they have felt, the commitment of the government and the commitment of the leadership at Mount St John. We are building a top class, first class, modern health facility in Antigua and Barbuda,” added Joseph.

Also at the function were Dr Albert Duncan, Medical Director at Mount St. John’s, Head of Marketing and Communications at MSJMC Salma Crump and Director of Nursing Jacqueline John-Baptiste.

In 2006, Bahri was instrumental in acquiring US fifty thousand dollars worth of goods for Holberton Hospital. He repeated the feat two years later with a donation worth US 85 thousand dollars and just last year the Mount St John’s Medical Centre was the recipient of another container containing US128,000 thousand dollars worth of medical supplies.

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