LIME/CANA Netball Tourney – Top Teams Hunt KO Title


CaribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY, Tues. Aug. 10, 2010: The preliminary round of the LIME-sponsored Caribbean American Netball Association, (CANA) tournament, which began June 5th, ended on a high note for a number of clubs and individuals and an even keel for others, on the weekend of August 8th.

 One such person on a high is Cheryl Howell, president of the league which recently turned thirteen. Holding center court at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn last weekend, Howell’s mood was very upbeat as she looked ahead to the next phase of the 2010 season, starting this weekend with events on and off the court.

 Minus a few ‘make up’ games to complete the league schedule, Volcanoes and Sharecroppers (Juniors); Pitons and Senators (Intermediate); Upsetters and Crusaders (Seniors2) and Upsetters and Volcanoes (Seniors), head into the single elimination or knock out round with a lot of confidence, after outstanding, all-round performances in their respective divisions.

 “So far, so good,” noted Howell when asked about the on court performances to date this season. All thirty-one teams representing 15 clubs, head into the KO round, where you win to stay in.

 While crowd support has not been huge so far, President Howell says she is satisfied. However, other areas of concern for her are  umpiring/officiating and cooperation from the teams or clubs on game days.

 “We are going to look at the League to see how and where we can make improvements now that we have corporate relationships with LIME (Cable & Wireless) and Western Union, among others,” insists Howell.

 Barring no changes to the results from last weekend, the 2010 division winners will be: Volcanoes4 (Juniors) and Upsetters1 (Seniors); A2 (Upsetters2, Crusaders, 43 points), and Intermediate (Pitons, Senators, 31 points). Tie-breakers will be used to determine the winners.

 Two of the 9 matches played last weekend, ended in a draw. Typhoon topped the 50 point plateau against Volcanoes Inc., and Volcanoes2 flattened the competition with a lopsided 20-1 score-line over Crusaders1. The results from the League competition will be used to rank (seed) the teams in the KO round, which tips off at 4 p.m. this Saturday, August 14th.

 Meanwhile, CANA will stage its first fundraiser for the season, in the form of a dance party, after the games at the popular Prince Hall, 70 Pennsylvania Avenue, between Fulton/Atlantic Avenues, in Brooklyn, New York. Start time is 10 p.m.

 Classified results from the Saturday/Sunday, August 7-8, 2010 matches:

 Typhoon2/Sunsplash, 31-31

 Crusaders3/Islanders2, 29-25

 Pitons3/Senators2, 31-25

Volcanoes Inc/Typhoon2, 31-50

Senators1/Crusaders2, 24-30

Upsetters2/Typhoon1, 44-18

Sunsplash/United1, 28-28 and Upsetters1/Flying Target, 49-23.


LIME, (formerly Cable & Wireless), is the Caribbean`s leading telecommunications company. LIME has kept the people of the Caribbean connected for more than 100 years. LIME is focused on providing products and services that improve the lives of Caribbean people every day whether they live in the region or are part of the Diaspora. LIME`s aim is to deliver the best communication services at the best value across the board–full stop. LIME–for living every day.

Photo Caption:

Players from Senators, (left), and Sunsplash, (right), look ahead as they move forward to the single elimination (KO) phase of the LIME/CANA season starting on Saturday, August 14, at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY.(Photo courtesy of Sharon Bennett.)

LIME/CANA NETBALL: Regular Season Ends This Weekend; KO Starts Next


CaribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY. Tuesday, August 03, 2010: Vincentian Raymond Delpesche knows a thing or two about the sport of netball. However, living in the vicinity of the Lincoln Terrace Park – East New York & Buffalo Avenues – Brooklyn, all these years, he never felt the urge to ‘drop in’ on the girls (ladies) before now.

Delpesche’s story has scores of similarities in the park each week since June 5, when the league opened with a new lease on life, thanks to a partnership with LIME, formerly Cable & Wireless, the Caribbean regional telecommunications giant.

 Walking by the facility, he sensed a different kind of buzz and decided to satisfy his curiosity, somewhat!  He would not be disappointed -the physical play, good; the physique on display – interesting.

 Delpesche, who works as a business consultant in Brooklyn, spent Saturday afternoon watching the intermediate division match with Senators and Crusaders, which was a close contest throughout.

 “I like what I am seeing, the sport is a great way for the ladies to keep busy and stay in shape, the same way the men have their soccer and cricket leagues,” he said.

 At the end of the regulation forty minutes, either team could have won. The result, a narrow 4 point win margin, (26-22), for the Lady Senators, helped by their one-two offensive punch of Clavern Clarke (GA) and Kimberly Harewood (GS).

 Clarke, a junior, was happy with her performance, relishing the opportunity to ‘play up’ – in a higher division – and help the bigger girls.

 “It was a hard game and a difficult one but one of the few occasion when you get to play at a higher level, it was ok,” she said after the match.

 Senators used a balanced team effort to stay ahead for the first three quarters 23-17. Crusaders’ Kereda Tucker (GA) and Aneisha DeSouza (GK) stepped up their game in the fourth period, outscoring Senators 5-3, but the damage was already done.

 The match was one of sixteen on the weekend schedule (Saturday/Sunday) as the 13th season of the LIME/Caribbean American Netball Association (CANA) tournament nears its end.

 This coming weekend schedule – tip off at 4 p.m., both days – will conclude the preliminary, round-robin phase, making way for the knock-out phase, starting at the same venue on Saturday, August 14, at 4 p.m.


LIME, (formerly Cable & Wireless), is the Caribbean`s leading telecommunications company. LIME has kept the people of the Caribbean connected for more than 100 years. LIME is focused on providing products and services that improve the lives of Caribbean people every day whether they live in the region or are part of the Diaspora. LIME`s aim is to deliver the best communication services at the best value across the board–full stop. LIME–for living every day.


Photo caption: A Spice Girls player (green/white uniform), gets the better of her Senators’ opponent (yellow/blue/white), during last weekend’s senior division match at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn. A player from the two teams (at right) watch the action in anticipation. (Sharon Bennett Photo.)

Brightstar Appoints Former Motorola Executive Oscar Rojas as President of Latin America Region

MIAMI, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Brightstar Corp., a global leader in services and solutions for the wireless industry announced today the appointment of former Motorola executive Oscar Rojas as president of the company’s Latin America region.

 Rojas will be responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day operations for Brightstar’s 20 countries in Latin America plus the Caribbean, as well as fifteen facilities throughout the region. Latin America is one of four go-to-market regions for Brightstar, which also has operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States and Canada.

Prior to joining Brightstar, Rojas had been with Motorola for more than 17 years.  Most recently, he was the Corporate Vice President of Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions for the Latin American region including Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean countries. In this role, he had general management responsibility for all of Motorola’s radio communications, wireless networking solutions, mobile computing, RFID and services solutions for the region.  Prior to this, he held various roles at Motorola including Vice President and GM of their Government & Commercial Markets Division for the Latin America and Caribbean region; Director & General Manager of their Mobile Devices business; and Business Director for Motorola’s Personal Communications Sector for the Andean, Caribbean and Paraguay/Uruguay regions. Rojas has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

 Marcelo Claure, chairman, president & CEO of Brightstar said, “Oscar brings to us his extensive knowledge and strong relationships in the Latin America and the Caribbean region due to his tenure with Motorola. I have personally worked with him for a number of years, and am very excited that he will bring his business expertise to our operations throughout the Latin America region.”

 Brightstar, which was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Miami, initially began its operations with its first subsidiaries in Latin America in 1998, and is now serving more than 20 countries within the region. Since that time, the company has expanded across six continents. Brightstar works with the world’s leading wireless manufacturers, operators and retailers and provides innovative services and solutions that help improve companies’ bottom lines.

 About Brightstar Corp.

Brightstar is a global services company providing solutions to Manufacturers, Operators, Retailers, and Enterprises serving the telecommunications industry.  With sales and distribution facilities on six continents, Brightstar offers its customers the largest global reach, enabling the right product to be in the right place, at the right time.   For more information on Brightstar, please visit

LIME/CANA NETBALL: Volcanoes, Upsetters, Pitons, Lead Respective Divisions


CaribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY. Monday, July 26, 2010 — It is becoming a little bit clearer which clubs are playing the better ball as the 13th season of the LIME endorsed Caribbean American Netball Association tournament heads into the home stretch.

Unfazed by the rain which forced the postponement of four matches on Sunday afternoon, Volcanoes4 (Juniors), Pitons3 (Intermediate), Upsetters2 (Seniors2) and Volcanoes2 (Seniors), scored impressive victories to move to the top of their division.

With four rounds to go, Volcanoes4 look set to take top honors among the juniors, cruising to their fourth straight win (4-0), by an easy 28-12 margin over SunSplash3.

In the senior division, Volcanoes2 is making a run for top honors, picking up two big wins on the weekend. They clobbered Pitons1, 40-24 on Saturday evening and returned on Sunday for another laugher, a 49-31 outcome. In the Saturday evening feature, the result was never in doubt with the veteran pair of Yvonne Vernon (WD) and Anciel Langaigne (GS), outplaying the opposing pair of Tisha Pike (GD) and Nikita McSween (GK).

In the A2 section where 11 teams are contending and where the competition is fever pitch, Upsetters2 has a slim one game lead over Pitons2.  Upsetters2 were twice as good as Senators1 on Sunday, winning 33-17, in pretty much the same way that Pitons2 had their way with SunSplash1, 31-17, on Saturday.

Pitons3 are ahead by  a mere point (21) in the Intermediate section after their narrow 33-30 win over United2. Unbeaten Senators2 which did not have a game last weekend, remain on 20 points.

In one other game of note on Saturday, Crusaders were 44-32 winners over United1 to remain in striking distance on 26 points, 10 points (2 games) out of first place.

Key match ups this weekend at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, include, Crusaders3 against Senators2 on Saturday at 5:30 pm, and on Sunday at 6:00 pm, Upsetters2 (7-1) taking on Crusaders2 (5-1) for  leadership of the A2 division..

Saturday, July 24, 2010.
Senators 3      Vs    Typhoon 3 18/1 Senators 3
Volcanoes 4   Vs   Sun Splash 3 28/12 Volcanoes  4
Pitons 3  Vs  United 2 33/30 Pitons 3
Antillians 1   Vs   Typhoon 1 32/25 Typhoon 1
Volcanoes 3   Vs    Spice girls 54/25 Volcanoes 3
Sun Splash 1    Vs  Pitons 2 31/17 Pitons 2
Crusaders 2  Vs   United 1 44/32 Crusaders 2
Untouchables 1   Vs    Senators 1 35/29 Untouchables 1
Volcanoes 2  Vs  pitons 1 40/24 Volcanoes 2

Sunday, July 25.

Islanders 2   Vs  Typhoon 2  Rain out
Crusaders 2      Vs        Volcanoes 3  Rain out
Untouchables 1   Vs  Pitons 2  Rain out
Up Setters 2    Vs   Senators 1 33/17 Up setters 2
Volcanoes 2       Vs    Pitons 1 49/31 Volcanoes 2
Typhoon 1    Vs   United 1 31/25 Typhoon 1
Sun splash 1    Vs     Spice Girls 44/25 Sun Splash 1
Crusaders 1  Vs   Up Setters 1 Default Up Setters 1

LIME, (formerly Cable & Wireless), is the Caribbean`s leading telecommunications company. LIME has kept the people of the Caribbean connected for more than 100 years. LIME is focused on providing products and services that improve the lives of Caribbean people every day whether they live in the region or are part of the Diaspora. LIME`s aim is to deliver the best communication services at the best value across the board–full stop. LIME–for living every day.

Photo caption: BALL GIRLS. Pitons (left) and Crusaders (right), are just two of the many teams in the hunt for vital points and the top spot in the senior division in the LIME/CANA 2010 Summer Netball tournament which continues this weekend (Sat/Sun) with a full schedule of matches at the Lincoln Terrace Park (East New York & Buffallo Avenues), Brooklyn. NY. Tip off time is 4 p.m. each day. (Sharon Bennett Photo)

 (High resolution image available upon request.)

Senators, Pitons Remain Unbeaten In LIME/CANA Netball Competition

CANA Netball (Lime)

 CaribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY, Tuesday, July 20, 2010: Pitons1 picked up a pair of wins on the weekend to move into joint first place with Upsetters1 atop the senior division, as the LIME sponsored Caribbean American Netball Association (CANA) summer league continued at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn.

 With contenders Upsetters1 enjoying the weekend off, challengers Pitons1 made up considerable ground against Flying Target, scoring a close 43-37 win on Saturday evening. Meeting again in Sunday’s night-cap, Pitons1 kept their opponents grounded for most of the match, to come away with a 45-31 win margin.

 One level down, Upsetters2 assumed sole leadership of the division (A2) with 31 points from 6 wins and a loss (6-1), beating Untouchables1, 40-33 on Sunday. Pitons2 defeated Volcanies3, 43-22 on the same schedule for second place on 25 points. They are unbeaten in five matches (5-0) since the season opened on June 5. Crusaders2 which defeated Antillians 39-31 on Saturday, are in the third spot with 21 points four points ahead of Volcanoes3, Senators1 and Typhoon1.

 Facing what would have been their first defeat of the season, Senators2 held on for a nervous, high spirited, two points win (34-32) against Islanders2, to remain in the top spot in the Intermediate division on 20 points.

 In one other match in the Intermediate division, Typhoon2 using a full court press and steady shooting , handed Pitons3 their first loss of the season, 32-29. Romula Abbott (GS) and Trisha Evans (GD), kept Pitons3 in the game but the difference maker was Kursel Lewis, playing at center for Typhoon2, third in the division on 12 points, Pitons3 picked up a point from the loss and are in the second spot on 16 points.

 In the Juniors, Sharecroppers maintained their perfect record (3-0), and top ranking, getting by Islanders3 18-15 in a squeaker. Sunsplash3 registered their first win of the season with a 15-8 margin over Senators3. Tied a 4-4 at the halftime break, GS Shivanna Brown  gave her team breathing room with her shoot touch from under the basket. Center Akalia Tomlinson had a good game for Senators3, still searching for their first win.

 The Scorecard:

Juniors: Sharecroppers/Islanders3, 18/15; Sunsplash3/Senators3, 15/8.

Intermediate: Pitons3/Typhoon2, 29/32;  Islanders2/Senators2, 32/34.

SeniorsA2: antillian/Crusaders2, 31/39; Pitons2/Volcanoes3, 43/22; Sunsplash1/Senators1, 26/28; Untouchables1/Upsetters2, 33/40.

Seniors: Pitons1/Flying Targets, 43/37; Volcanoes2/Upsetters1, 34/30; Pitons1/Flying Targets, 45/31.

 Another 18 matches will be played this coming weekend (July 24, 25), with the first match on both days tipping off at 4 p.m.

 LIME, (formerly Cable & Wireless), is the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications company. LIME has kept the people of the Caribbean connected for more than 100 years. LIME is focused on providing products and services that improve the lives of Caribbean people every day whether they live in the region or are part of the Diaspora.

LIME’s aim is to deliver the best communication services at the best value across the board–full stop. LIME–for living every day.


HOLDING COURT:  A Pitons3 player (left, airborne) won the ball as a teammate (center) watches, but Typhoon (right), won the battle of the two Intermediate division rivals during Saturday’s (July 17) match in the LIME/CANA summer tournament in Brooklyn. Typhoon won 32/29 over Pitons3.

Four Teams Advance In LIME/CANA Netball Tourney

CANA Netball (Lime)

CaribPR Wire, Brooklyn, NY. Tuesday, July 13, 2010: Four teams competing for the title of LIME/Caribbean American Netball Association champion 2010 moved closer to grabbing the trophy after topping their respective divisions last weekend. 

 Volcanoes4 moved to the top in the Junior round while Pitons3 moved up to top the Intermediate round. Upsetters2 and Crusaders1 moved atop the Seniors 2 and Seniors divisions at the end of last weekend’s eighth round of competition at the Lincoln Terrace Park courts at East New York and Buffalo Avenues in Brooklyn, New York.

 Both Saturday and Sunday featured a near full schedule of sixteen matches but it was Upsetters2 and Pitons3 who jumped ahead of the standings after scoring two wins each.

 With half of the schedule still outstanding, Pitons3 crushed the competition twice on the weekend to set off whispers about a promotion to the senior division next season.

 They separated themselves from Crusaders3 in every department, winning 39-15 on Saturday and returning on Sunday to put the exclamation on a badly outclassed Islanders2 team 37-18.

 Pitons3 share top billing at this stage with Senators2 – 15 points. Senators 2 remained unbeaten with a lopsided 42-28 win over Volcanoes Inc.

 Crusaders1 moved to 17 points and the top spot in the ladies division, easily outscoring Pitons1, 40-26.  Upsetters1 which has the same points total, did not play on the weekend.

 With Pitons2 dropping full points to Senators1, 31-27 for their first loss of the season on Saturday afternoon, former champions Upsetters paraded one of the best unit in the park, literally walking over a Spice Girls team that clearly did not come to play. The final score in the match was a woeful 45-13.

 It was a bad weekend for Pitons2 and one they will want to quickly forget. With a chance to at least share the division lead, they stumbled badly, dropping their second match inside 24 hours, failing miserably against the run and shoot, up tempo style of Upsetters2, 52-27. It was clear that they were still recovering from the bruising on Saturday, that had the two teams at each other’s throat and umpire Andre Edwin, hot under the collar.

The pair of Captain Sharon Pierre and Sarah Marcelle did well to keep Pitons2 in the game up to the end of the third quarter, when a questionable call by umpire Edwin, forced a time-out. Senators played the final quarter under protest and almost lost their cool had it not been for the red hot shooting of Karen Charles on offence and Tanika Mercurius.

Other results on the weekend were; Untouchables1/United1, 37-34; Volcanoes3/Typhoon1, 25-31; Sunsplash2/Typhoon2, 38-22; Volcanoes4/Sharecroppers, 32-16; Antillian1/United1, 36-38; Untouchables1/Spice Girls, 40-19; Crusaders2/Sunsplash1, 33-29.

 The tournament continues with 14 matches this weekend – July 17th and 18th, respectively.  Start time for each match is 4 p.m.



A Volcanoes teammate left, erupts for one of her team’s 25 points but that would not be enough as rivals Typhoon (center) blew by for a winning 31-25 score-line in LIME/CANA tournament (senior2 division) action at Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn on Saturday, July 10, 2010.

At Six-Month Anniversary of Huge Earthquake, PADF Continues Rebuilding Shattered Lives in Haiti

PADF-OAS-HUFH urge continued financial support

 WASHINGTON, July 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — During the six months since the Western Hemisphere’s worst natural disaster, the Pan American Development Foundation and its partners assisted more than 1.3 million Haitians, as well as strengthened vital community organizations and coordinated with the government to ensure long-term success of on-the-ground recovery efforts. (

 (Logo: )

(Logo: )

 ”We are proud of our achievements but we are reminded that more than a million Haitians are still homeless and urgently need help,” says Jimmy Jean-Louis, the actor and spokesperson for PADF’s recovery efforts in Haiti. “Please visit to learn what we have been doing to improve their lives.”

 PADF and its partners Hollywood Unites for Haiti (HUFH) and the Organization of American States (OAS) immediately responded to the survivors’ needs by providing food, water, shelter, medicine and other supplies. Thanks to individual, corporate and multilateral cash and in-kind donations, they distributed more than 200 tons of supplies worth over $3 million since the Jan. 12 earthquake.

 In addition to relief supplies, PADF employed thousands of Haitians to clear rubble from streets and alleys, clean drainage canals and remove other debris choking neighborhoods.

 To learn more about specific relief efforts, please visit for stories and videos.

 ”We are focusing our efforts on implementing a strategic recovery plan, which is one of PADF’s specialties,” says John Sanbrailo, PADF’s Executive Director. “This means moving people out of camps into safe homes, creating sustainable employment and ensuring that Haitians play a major role in the rebuilding of their country.”

 “Tagging” & repairing homes

PADF is helping Haitians to return home by certifying that their houses are safe. It has trained 100 Haitian structural engineers to evaluate homes, schools and other buildings to determine how safe they are. Since May, the engineers have “tagged” 35,000 buildings in three categories: A “green” tag means a structure is perfectly safe; a “yellow” tag indicates it is useable but requires some repair; and a “red” tag states the building must be repaired or demolished before it can be used.

 By the end of July, the engineers will tag 50,000 buildings in Port-au-Prince, which will benefit more than 125,000 Haitians. The six-month program is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

 ”Moving Haitians out of camps and overcrowded dwellings into safe homes is one of our highest priorities, particularly since we are in the hurricane season,” says Sanbrailo. “Haitians are understandable afraid to return to buildings that may collapse. These inspections will give them the certainty they need.”

 Repairing the yellow-tagged buildings is a major challenge for Haiti, particularly since both homeowners and the people they hire are probably unaware of building standards in an earthquake zone.

 Working closely with Haiti’s Public Works Department and under the supervision of U.S. structural engineer and post-earthquake expert Kit Miyamoto, PADF’s tagging project includes hands-on training of construction workers and architects prior to working on the yellow- and red-tagged homes. In addition to brochures and manuals, four model homes have been set up to demonstrate the common repairs they will undertake.

 ”This puts into action the ‘build-better’ concept that we all desire,” says Sanbrailo.

 PADF’s project has a small amount of money that will be used to repair a limited number of homes.

 ”We appreciate USAID’s foresight and generous support,” says Sanbrailo. “Only with its support could PADF undertake this massive and much-needed project.”

 However, Sanbrailo notes that this funding needs to be supplemented by donations from individuals and companies.

 To learn more about earthquake-damaged buildings in Haiti and how PADF is tagging them, please visit to see a video with Kit Miyamoto.

 Protecting the most vulnerable

PADF’s successful, three-year-old Protecting Human Rights (PHR) program has expanded its scope to focus on the needs of the most-vulnerable Haitians, particularly those in the camps.

 PADF brought together its grassroots partners and provided them with training and additional resources to meet the post-earthquake challenges. Together, they are providing psychological support, medical care, safe housing and legal aid to the victims of violence and exploitation. It is funded by USAID.

 Trafficking of women and children, which has been a serious problem in Haiti, was exacerbated after the earthquake. PADF has expanded its anti-trafficking program to cover more communities, including rural areas and the border.

 One Haitian NGO in Petit-Goave praised PADF for its anti-trafficking work and the need to expand the program.

 ”Following the January 12th quake, several families gave their children to the ‘highest bidder,’ fearing the worst for their sons and daughters,” said Jocelyn Jean, the secretary general of ASIDEP, on July 2. “However, in the rural areas where [PADF] trained the communities on [anti-trafficking in persons], the children are still living with their families.”

 To learn more about PADF’s PHR program, please visit for stories and videos.

 Communities deciding their future

Involving Haitians – especially the poorest – in the post-earthquake economic redevelopment process is a key element in PADF’s reconstruction strategy.

 One of PADF’s largest and most-successful programs teaches communities to prioritize, selected and monitor projects that directly affect their quality of life. Called Community Driven Development, it provides grants to start the selected projects.

 Today, PADF is working with more than 360 community-based organizations in 14 Haitian districts — all located in some of the poorest areas — that have identified or are operating in excess of 700 sustainable projects. Now in its third year, PADF implements the program on behalf of the Haitian government. It is funded by the World Bank.

 How-to help

Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, who is originally from Haiti, returned to the island on July 9 to survey the situation and encourage continued donations from individuals and companies to support the rebuilding process.

 ”The suffering of my fellow countrymen is no longer front-page news, but it is still very much a reality,” he says. “It’s unimaginable that Haitians have to live under tarps, bed sheets and even pieces of cardboard. With your help, they can have a dignified life in a safe home.”

 Individual and corporate donations to PADF-OAS-HUFH’s Haiti recovery efforts are encouraged by visiting

 In the United States, people may call (877) 572-4484 to donate with a Visa or MasterCard. They may also text HEAL to 50555 to donate $5.

 About HUFH

Hollywood Unites for Haiti is a non-profit charitable aid organization based in Los Angeles that that is lead by Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays the “Haitian” on NBC’s hit series “Heroes,” has returned to Haiti several times since the powerful quake. Immediately after Jan. 12, he spent a week in Haiti distributing relief supplies and assisting families. Jimmy returned at the two-month anniversary to continue his work.

 About the OAS

The Organization of American States (OAS) is the world’s oldest regional organization and today is comprised of 34 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

 About PADF

PADF is a non-profit organization established in 1962 to promote, facilitate, and implement social and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the past year, more than 5.6 million people in 18 countries benefited from PADF’s programs.


PADF is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Haiti. With nearly three decades of work on the ground, PADF now manages a large portfolio of activities ranging from community-driven development to protecting human rights. It works closely with all stakeholders to create sustainable solutions.

 Its headquarters is in Washington, D.C., and has field offices in Haiti, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and elsewhere.

Donations in the United States: (877) 572-4484

Text HEAL to 50555

Jamaica’s Commander of Distinction Returns to Jazz At Lincoln Center


CaribPR Wire, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. June 16, 2010: Renowned Jamaican jazz pianist and Jamaica’s acclaimed Commander of Distinction, Monty Alexander, is set to turn the heat up this summer in New York City with a five-day return to Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Alexander, who has the distinction of being named one of the greatest piano players in Jazz history, is set to bring his `Summer Celebration` to Dizzy’s Jazz Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center from Tuesday July 20th to Sunday, July 25th

The Kingston-born musician says that with his ensemble he looks forward to “bringing uplifting and positive Jamaican rhythms and vibrations in our current challenging times” to Lincoln Center next month and hopes that all jazz fans and Jamaicans will attend and experience his music in the incredible atmosphere at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola.

Alexander, who has performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry, Quincy Jones, Ernest Ranglin, Barbara Hendricks, Bill Cosby, Bobby McFerrin, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare and on the “Concrete Jungle, The Music of Bob Marley collection,” will perform two shows per night, at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m., respectively.   

In a career spanning five decades, Alexander, a largely self-taught musician, has built a reputation for exploring and bridging the worlds of American jazz, popular song and the music of his native Jamaica, finding in each a sincere spirit of musical expression.

He has recorded over 60 albums to date.  His 1976 Montreux (Switzerland) Jazz Festival performance with drummer Jeff Hamilton and bassist John Clayton has become one of the most celebrated live recordings in contemporary jazz. Alexander’s most recent albums on the Telarc label include trio sessions, such as Impressions in Blue, and the live concert recording Goin’ Yard.

In August 2000, the Jamaican government awarded Alexander the title of Commander in the Order of Distinction for outstanding services to Jamaica as a worldwide music ambassador.  His latest release on Chesky is Calypso Blues, a tribute to his hero Nat Cole.

Alexander’s Jazz at Lincoln Center performance comes on the heels of performances in Aspen, the UK and France, where he performed at several festivals including Jazz a Juan-les-Pins, the Vienne Jazz Festival, the Wigan Jazz Festival and Jazz Aspen.

Tickets for Monty Alexander’s Jazz at Lincoln Center show are $30 and $35 and $15 for students with valid identification. Fans can book now at

For more on Jamaica’s greatest jazz pianist and his music visit



aribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY.  June 30, 2010:  The 13th season of the LIME/Caribbean American Netball Association, (CANA), will continue at the Lincoln Terrace Park courts (East New York/Buffalo Avenues), Brooklyn on Saturday, July 3, 2010. Five matches in three divisions are on the schedule with tip-off time set for 4 p.m.

 There will be no games on Sunday, in observance of the Fourth of July Independence Holiday celebrations.

 Last weekend, it was time for top clubs, Upsetters, Crusaders and Pitons to shine.

 On Saturday, former champions Upsetters seniors held off bitter rivals Crusaders 30-28, in what may be a precursor to the mid August league championship showdown. Ninety minutes earlier, Upsetters’ second team left no questions which is the better outfit, finishing with a 20 point (53-33), run away victory margin over Antillians.

 Senators’ second team defeated United2 34-27 and Pitons3 came away 33-20 winners over Volcanoes in the intermediate division. In Saturday’s only junior division meeting, Typhoon recovered from a three goal, third quarter deficit for a 7-7 tie against Sunsplash. Latoya Jaipaul (Sunsplash) was outstanding at goal shoot (GS), while Jorine Bynum and Chelsea McFarlane were outstanding at defense for Typhoon.

 Sunday’s highlights belonged to the trio of Crusaders, Upsetters and Pitons. With a colorful crowd forming the perfect backdrop, Crusaders managed a one goal (39-38) advantage in the night cap against Flying Targets. The stage was set earlier when Sunsplash seniors defeated Volcanoes 33-25 and before that, Upsetters seniors and Pitons playing to a memorable 33-33 tie.

 Other winners on Sunday’s full schedule were; Junior division, Volcanoes4 over Islanders3 14-10, and Sharecroppers besting Senators3, 13-6. Intermediate division, Crusaders3 defeating Typhoon2, 25-20 and Sunsplash playing a better brand of n-ball for a 37-23 win over Islanders. In two other senior division matches, Senators were no match for Typhoons, going down 19-26, while Pitons2 were 10 goals/points better (43-33) than Crusaders2.

 The 2010 netball season which runs through the summer, is being sponsored by LIME, formerly Cable & Wireless, the regional telecommunications conglomerate. The partnership is already paying off for the players, who belatedly, were presented with their awards for last season, during opening day ceremonies and festivities on June 5.

 Thirty-two teams drawn in four divisions and representing 16 clubs, are contesting the league championship which will be decided in mid-August.

 All sixteen clubs will be in action next weekend when the season reaches it half way mark.

LIME, (formerly Cable & Wireless), is the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications company. LIME has kept the people of the Caribbean connected for more than 100 years. LIME is focused on providing products and services that improve the lives of Caribbean people every day whether they live in the region or are part of the Diaspora.

LIME’s aim is to deliver the best communication services at the best value across the board–full stop. LIME–for living every day


Little Keanna Williams (center), of Typhoon Netball Club, gets a leg up on the competition during a junior division match with Sunsplash NC in the LIME/CANA Summer League at the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, on Saturday, June 26. The match ended in a 7-7 tie.

HBO Latin America Announces Improvements in the Cinemax East Channel, Now Branded MAX in the Caribbean

MIAMI, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — HBO Latin America Group announced that during the month of June enhancements in the Premium package will take place. Cinemax East will now be branded as MAX, targeting film lovers and visual art connoisseurs.

 ”Once again, HBO demonstrates its leadership in Premium television, providing subscribers with a daring, fresh and innovative offer. MAX will allow viewers to enjoy independent film productions from all over the world,” said Alexander Salas, general manager of MAX Networks Latin America.

 Offering the best of independent and international films and documentaries, MAX will transmit programming from different parts of the world that have also been awarded in different film festivals and that might have not been seen otherwise. MAX targets men and women between the ages of 18 and 45. Some of the movies that will be featured during June are: La Camara Oscura, Adoration, Cidade de Deus and Better Things

 The personality of this channel is independent, different, creative and fantastic; a unique channel for people with exceptional taste in films.

 MAX enhances the programming by maintaining the Premium channel profile in relation to its content, which distinguishes the HBO/MAX package.

 About HBO Latin America

HBO Latin America is the premium television network leader that, in addition to being recognized for the quality and diversity of its original programming, films and documentaries, also provides services with the highest technology in SD and HD formats for more than 23 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean through its HBO®, HBO2®, HBO® Plus, HBO® Family, HBO Caribbean®, Cinemax®, Max®, Max HD® and Max Prime(SM), and SVOD service.